If you’re looking for some pedal steel magic for your recording, you’re in the right place!

What makes me different from other pedal steel players you’ve heard in the past? I think like an arranger – my steel parts will help build your song, enhancing texture and mood. I’m not really interested in regurgitating a bunch of stock licks you’ve heard a million times; I just want to play what’s right for the song.

The sound of the pedal steel has been described as “liquid glass,” or “instant dimension.” That’s the sound I’m after. Some people think the pedal steel can only be used for a twangy country sound – not so! Depending on what you’re after, the steel can take on the role of a string section, an organ, or even a voice. All with zero twang factor…unless that’s what you want! Check out the Media section for audio examples in many different styles.